Mare and Foaling Barns

Custom Horse Barns

When it comes to designing a mare and foaling facility, all the important elements of good barn design---ventilation, access, safety, comfort, efficiency ---are kicked up a few notches. Peoples takes great care and pride in designing stalls, aisle ways, and paddocks that are properly sized and equipped to ensure the safety and comfort of a broodmare heavy in foal and that provide a safe and welcoming place to bring a new foal into the world.

Whether you are operating a large-scale broodmare operation or are simply anticipating the arrival of several special foals, you can call on Peoples to build you with a facility that provides optimal comfort for the mare and a stress-free environment for the foal. Depending on your needs, we can also incorporate special areas in a foaling barn such as an incubator room, observation areas that allow attendants to watch a foaling mare without distracting or disrupting the process, an isolation stall, a groom’s quarters, etc.