Custom Horse Barns

Whether you have two horses or twenty horses, you want a barn that is, first and foremost, safe, functional and built for long-term reliability. From there, the sky---and your imagination-- is the limit. Maybe you just want a few nice standard stalls and a feed room. Or perhaps you want the ultimate dream barn with all the best amenities and finest finishing details.

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

For more than 45 years, people who are serious about their horses have repeatedly made Peoples Building Company their first choice for the design and building of their equine facilities. That’s probably because we bring craftsmanship, quality, true customer service and value to every horse barn we’ve ever built. That’s just the way we do business.

It's simple really. Just give us an idea of what you have in mind and we’ll go from there. Our staff will spend some time talking with you to get a clear picture of your needs, wants and, yes, dreams. We’ll give detailed plan---at no cost. Then, with your approval, we’ll build a horse barn that is perfect for you, your horses and your budget.

We offer "turn-key" building services for your facility: from architectural design, site prep, concrete, electrical and plumbing, down to the all finishing details. We use the highest quality building materials and the latest available technology, to construct a professionally engineered facility that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Green barn with overhangs built by Peoples Building

A long white barn with green accents by Peoples Building

White barn with blue accents by Peoples Building

Tan barn with red door & window frames by Peoples Building